Why Thelema?

Thelema draws from many rich traditions, both Eastern and Western.

The typical practices used in Thelema include meditation practices from Liber E, the ceremonial practices of Western esotericism, the religious rites of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica, and the celebrations of Thelema's holidays.

Anyone who works these practices with dedication will see results in a relatively short period of time. It is a myth that enlightenment takes a lifetime. Rather, it can be obtainted in a matter of years with diligent practice.

Diversity and Acceptance

People of any gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation are treated equally in the Thelemic community.

We do not merely tolerate diversity among Thelemites, but celebrate it. Thelema is for all.

"Intolerance is evidence of impotence." - A.C.

"The Law is for All." - A.C.

Becoming a Thelemite

Becoming an adherent to Thelema involves dedicating yourself to your own liberation through self-knowledge, discipline, and balance.

A Thelemite must respect the soveriengty of other individuals. The temptation to interfere with and influence others must be overcome.

A Thelemite is not required to retreat from the material world, unless it be their Will to do so. Thelema does not require renunciation or any certain kind of diet or dress.

A Thelemite keeps their body healthy, as it is the vehicle by which we experience the joy of existence.

A Thelemite respects the environment they live in, realizing that the abuse of nature creates cumulative ills in society.

A Thelemite opposes the forces of superstion, tyranny, and oppression in the society in which they live, speaking out against unjust laws and other forms of oppresion.


The Thelemic community is currently relatively small, but contains a large variety of intelligent and open minded individuals.

Becoming part of the Thelemic community allows for the opportunity of networking with other like minded individuals.

The Thelemic community serves to support those in their quest for self-actualization.